Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ok, so apparently the old picture loader for blogger doesn't work terribly well, so the pics of my halloween get up are on my new blog...linked.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A couple things right now and plans for more later...

As for the later components of today's post...I'll have a few pictures of this year's halloween costume; admittedly it's nothing extravagant or flashy, but it was something I could wear to the office without too much ridicule and about half the people actually knew what I was going for...hint - it was *not* Pee-Wee Herman as one co-worker guessed...

Anyways, on to the meat of the post...
I feel the need to mimic Steven Colbert now by giving my accounting professor a wag of the finger. Professor Sprohge, why can't you just take the time to create a test rather than pulling questions from the manufacturer's test bank? or at least lecture on the topics you intend to pull questions from? Doing so has prevented me from being able to receive an "A" in your class which saddens me greatly as I feel I have a good grasp of everything you cover in class.

Not to leave out the Tip of the Hat, which goes to you faithful readers, who leave comments on my blog, no matter how droll and schlock-like the content is! Without you, I'd simply be some random guy posting rants and musings about random I'm some random guy posting rants and musings about random crap which some people actually read!

Also, I was walking to class today from my car and the number of people walking alone with a cell phone pressed to their ear really struck me as odd. What has the emergence of cell phones as common technology meant for our culture? Is there a negative effect from the everpresent link? Is the effect positive? I was left wondering whether cell phones have improved our daily lives or proved detrimental. I feel like they have become less of a way to keep in touch on the move and more of a leash, to work, to family, to friends, to anyone. Does anyone else consider it a little rude when you are with someone and they answer their phone mid sentence (yours or theirs)? Many times, I don't even get an excuse me or apology, the phone simply gets answered. I don't feel a need to answer my phone when I'm with someone, I'm with them, why should we be interrupted? Not to say that I don't feel there is a value in the devices, they are certainly handy in an emergency or for coordinating an evening's activities between a group of friends, but I think that the American cell phone culture (I don't know much about other countries) has gone from something that is very useful to something perverted and overbearing. That being said, I'd like to hear some of your opinions on the matter, share stories of cell phone abuse and your ideas and thoughts on American cell phone culture (or your country's cell phone culture for the readers outside of the US, you know who you are!) I look forward to seeing what everybody thinks.

Friday, October 27, 2006

If you've got about 10 minutes, check out this video...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

White and Nerdy...

Anyways, saw an article recently about Weird Al finally getting a top 10 single (Congrats, Al!) with his new song "White and Nerdy". I looked it up on youtube (which he credits for part of the song's success) and checked out the video and thought I'd share it with you all, enjoy!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More Product reviews coming soon....Netgear WGT624 Super G 108Mbps Wireless Firewall Router and Minolta X-700 SLR (film!). I should be getting the router in the mail today sometime and I'm picking up the camera (with two lenses, a flash and a bag) later tonight after my accounting test.

Speaking of which, wish me luck on my test!


Monday, October 16, 2006

Hope everyone had a good weekend as we inch closer to takers?

Steph and I went to the Haunted Hollow in Wilmington on Friday and had a lot of fun. If you just want a quick recommendation without any spoilers, I highly recommend it as something different from your standard October spook attraction (also, sit close to the back if at all possible). If you want to know more about it...keep reading, but keep in mind there will be some spoilers.

It was a hayride of sorts, but with a twist to the normal get pulled by a tractor while people jump out of the woods at you kind of hayride. First off, I guess it really should be called a bus-ride rather than a hay ride as you are driven around in old, painted school buses with the tops cut off right below where the windows would begin, I believe ours was called "Widow Maker"; I also saw "Bone Crusher", "Grave Digger" and a few others. This haunted attraction's claim to fame is its pair of fire belching semi trucks which chase and even push the bus along which do a pretty good job of creating a scary environment. There are also a few bulldozers along the way which add to the fun. The attraction keeps you wondering where the next scare will come from as scares come not only from the sides and back but also from above and on the bus itself. One lamentable choice is the superfluous use of chainsaws as it seems like every scene has at least one chainsaw. One scene which really didn't need a chainsaw seemed like they had run out of sources for them as the actor used an electric chainsaw which looked and sounded like a glorified hedge trimmer. Other than that one scene, the chainsaws actually weren't too bad or overbearing. Thankfully, there was only one bad animatronic display that was there but it didn't detract too much from the overall atmosphere, it was somewhat strange after all the conventional setups. I would definately recommend this attraction and at $10 per person, it's not any more expensive than most of the haunted attractions in the area. (pics obtained from haunted hollow website)

I also went to the Sauerkraut festival this weekend in Waynesville which was fun even though it gets pretty busy. Had a great Bratwurst with sauerkraut and mustard which was quite tasty as well as sauerkraut donuts which were freakin delicious as they were fresh out of the fryer and coated with sugar...definately try them if you get the chance. Also saw sauerkraut pizza, sauerkraut brownies, pudding and pie which I didn't try, though not because I was unwilling, just didn't want to spend the money. I'll get a picture up here later of the crowd so you can get an idea of how crowded it gets.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

What, there's actually competition for the Toolbag of the Month?!

Ok, I know what you're thinking, there's never been competition for the TotM award, but around here we (read: me) aim to please. So if competition's what you want, competition's what you get (whether you like it or not, you no comment leaving freeloaders...just kidding, please don't leave!...not really, darn freeloading hippies).

Today's first contestant comes to us from the streets of West Carrollton, where the driver of an older Chevy S-10 decided it would be prudent to travel at a speed of 25mph in a zone rated for traffic speeds of 45mph. Of course, he gets in front of me at a 4 way stop and I can tell it's going to be trouble when he absolutely crawls through the intersection and never really gets much faster. Being a single lane road, passing was not an option, so I mustered the strength to stay behind him until he turned onto a larger road (pulled into the left lane from a right turn, I might add, forcing me to pass him on the right, I hate it when I have to do that) before finally emerging from the turtle-like speed he was comfortable with. I know that some people aren't comfortable driving, especially at night, but driving like that is dangerous and if you're at the point when you must travel that slowly to feel comfortable, you really should avoid driving at night.

The other entry into today's contest comes from my economics class. This middle-aged gentleman personifies one of my favorite posters which says, "There are no stupid questions, but there are a LOT of inquisitive idiots". This guy just couldn't manage to keep his thoughts to himself and kept asking questions which basically tried to undermine what the professor had just told us. He wasted about 10-15 minutes trying to convince our professor that the pharmaceutical industry can't function any way but the way but the way it does now (for the record...BZZZZZZZZT!!! wrong buddy, do not pass Go, do not collect $200); this has no point other than hearing himself speak, it doesn't matter, it's an example, you dumkopf! On top of that, this jackass had the nerve to attempt to cut off the professor while she was talking with either "but...but..." until the professor actually let him speak again (kudos to my prof who didn't let him walk over her with comments) or in the event that his question was satisfied, "ok ok ok" in a manner which suggested he thought it was wrong; it's hard to explain, but you know the tone and manner which people use to basically tell you that you answered their question, they might think it's wrong and they just want you to stop answering (ie, didn't get the answer you wanted). Hell, I've done it, but not to a professor; if you know so much about the topic, why aren't you teaching the class, bozo.

So, even though there was competition for this month's TotM, I think the award has to go to the classroom male donkey, since his behaviour is a matter of personality rather than a comfort issue as with our senior citizen driver. Let me know what you think.